The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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VP of Travel: Chris Geyer

Director 9-11U: Scott Kemp

Director 12-15U Peter Goepfrich


For players completing 3rd to 9th grade, ages 9 to 15. The season typically runs from mid-April through mid- or late-July. Registration typically opens January 1 and closes mid-February.

Travel Baseball is only open to players that either live in Edina or go to school in Edina. Travel Baseball is offered for those players interested in competing at a higher level within their age group; see Goals / Player Development. Travel Teams will typically have games or practices 3-5 times per week. The season will typically include 30 or more games over the course of the season. Travel Baseball requires a greater commitment in that each participant is expected to attend all practices, games, weekend tournaments and other team activities which will be scheduled any day of the week; see the Travel Commitment Policy.

All players are required to attend all tryout sessions unless an excuse is approved in advance through the Commissioner and the Director; see Tryout Schedule and Information. “AAA” is the highest competitive level. Teams generally consist of 12 players and the final number for teams depends on depth of player pools at each age level.

  • The EBA added 9U in 2020. Age group 9U typically has 1 AAA and depending on players numbers and skillset possibly 1 AA team. It is important to note there is a limited number of other 9U teams and play will likely include more extensive commuting to games than 10U-15U play.

  • Age groups 10U-13U typically have 1 AAA, 1 AA and 1-2 A teams for each age level. Age groups 10U-12U typically have 4 teams and 13U fluctuates between 3-4 teams, more often 3 teams.

  • Age groups 14U-15U typically have 1 AAA and 1 AA team for each age level and 1 combined 14/15A team. 

Each of the teams playing in these levels will have similar experiences with competition that is consistent with their current level of play. Edina Travel Baseball plays in the Metro Baseball League (MBL). Full details on rules by age group including bat rules is available on the MBL website.

The Edina Travel Baseball primarily relies on parent coaches and leverages paid coaches at the 13U-15U AAA and AA levels. It is ideal to have 2-3 coaches per team. Please consider coaching and see Coach Selection.

Players typically play with their grade. For Travel Baseball, a player’s Baseball Age is determined based on a May 1st cutoff. Players who are young for their grade may try out with their grade. However, players must choose one tryout group. Players cannot be older than the age limits based on league rules. For example:

  • 3rd grader that is 10 before May 1st cannot play 9U Travel and can play 10U Travel
  • 4th grader that is 11 before May 1st cannot play 10U Travel and can play 11U Travel
  • 5th grader that is 12 before May 1st cannot play 11U Travel and can play 12U Travel
  • 6th grader that is 13 before May 1st cannot play 12U Travel and can play 13U Travel
  • 7th grader that is 14 before May 1st cannot play 13U Travel and can play 14U Travel
  • 8th grader that is 15 before May 1st cannot play 14U Travel and can play 15U Travel
  • 9th grader that is 16 before May 1st cannot play 15U Travel


General Schedule Information

  • Tryouts take place in Fall for 11u-14u and Feb/Mar for 9-10u. For more information, and exact dates and times see Tryout Schedule and Information.
  • Edina Travel Baseball plays in the Metro Baseball League (MBL) for regular season games which consists of 16 games that will also include an optional end of season single elimination play-off. 
    • Early Apr: MBL coaches scheduling meeting
    • Mid-Apr: Practices typically begin 
    • Late-Apr: MBL play begins and will end in early July
    • Note exception: 15U starts late May after the completion of Edina High School Freshman Baseball
  • Tournaments: Tournaments generally run Friday to Sunday depending on how the team performs with a minimum 3 games and the potential for 4-6 total games. The EBA pays for three weekend tournaments with one tournament played in Edina, one played in the metro area and one typically played outside the metro area “overnight”.
  • State tournaments: If a team earns a bid based on tournament play, the EBA will pay for one state tournament. There are three state tournaments: Metro Baseball Tournament (MBT), Gopher State (MYAS/GSTC), Minnesota Sports Federation (MFS). The different state tournaments take place over the last 3 weekends of July. Teams that don’t earn a state tournament bid may choose to apply for an open bid; fees related to an open bid are the responsibility of the team. Qualifying teams typically opt to play in 1 or 2 state tournaments. 



  • Travel Baseball fees: $50 non-refundable tryout fee plus $550 for 9u-11u or $575 for 12u-15u.
  • Uniform fee: Approx $150 uniform fee for 2 jerseys and 1 hat paid directly to uniform vendor.
  • Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be requested in writing. A player withdrawing prior to tryouts will receive a full refund for EBA fees minus an admin charge. A player withdrawing from Edina baseball after being placed on a Travel Baseball team will forfeit 50% of Travel Baseball fee for the program. There will be no refunds for withdrawals or cancellations received after the season begins. 
  • Other costs: Teams and players may elect to incur other costs associated with optional apparel, additional in-season tournaments, at-large state tournament entries, additional practice sessions, etc. These costs are not required by the EBA and should be considered discretionary expenses at the option of the team and players. 
  • Scholarships are available. Please make your request prior to registration; see Scholarship Information.