The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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Travel Baseball Programs
Grades 4-6
(or are 10-12 years old by May 1)

Commissioner: Chris Geyer

Travel baseball requires a greater commitment in that each participant is expected to attend all practices, games, weekend tournaments and other team activities.  Teams will typically have games or practices 4-5 times per week.  The season will include up to 30 games or more depending on number of tournaments played. 

Player Eligibility and League Structure
  • Player eligibility
  • The 10 year old travel league is comprised of players up to 10 years of age.  Players in this age group must be 10 years or younger on May 1, 2019.
  • The league may also include 9 year-olds that demonstrate the skills and time commitment to compete at this level. Please contact the league commissioner if you believe your player is appropriate for playing up at this level. 
  • The 11 year old travel league is comprised of players who are 11 years old or younger on May 1, 2019.
  • The 12 year old travel league is comprised of players who are 12 years old or younger on May 1, 2019.
  • Players are eligible to participate on teams from the community in which they live (i.e., Edina) with their parent(s) or legal guardian, or their school attendance area (i.e., Edina school district).
  • League structure - Edina Travel baseball for grades 4-6 provides a higher level of competition for the players.  All players will be required to attend a grading session to facilitate drafting teams.
  • Teams – Up to five teams of 12 to 13 players will be selected, with the majority of games played against other metro community associations who participate in the Metro Baseball League.
  • Tryouts and gradingAll players are required to attend all tryout sessions. In the tryout, players will be evaluated on a series of drills to allow evaluators to assess current skills for appropriate team placement.
  • Team assignments - Players will be assigned to one of the four to five teams based on player evaluations or try-outs.
  • Practices and games -Travel baseball is for the more serious baseball player, games and practices will be scheduled any day, Monday through Sunday.  Weekday games and practices are in the evening through the Spring and Summer.
  • Tournaments – Each Travel team will compete in at least three weekend tournaments at the AAA, AA, and A levels for 10, 11 and 12 year olds in May and June. One tournament will take place in Edina, one in the metro area, and one outside of the metro area. Depending on tournament results, Travel teams may also qualify for one or more state tournaments to be held in July.
  • EBA-paid Tournament Entry Fees - The EBA will pay for entry into three regular season tournaments, inclusive of the Edina tournament.  The EBA may also pay for one state tournament entry fee and gate fee if the respective team qualifies for such state tournament based on placing first or second (or third or fourth if one or both of the top two teams has already qualified for such state tournament) in a qualifying tournament.  
  • Other Tournament Entry Fees - The EBA does not pay for additional regular season tournaments or for at large bids for the state tournament.  Entries into these additional tournaments are the responsibility of coaches and parents.  Coaches should refer to Tournament FAQs for additional information on tournaments.
Philosophy and Player Commitment

The EBA supports an equal play system where players play approximately the same number of innings over the course of each game and more importantly over the course of the season.  Emphasis will be placed on playing kids at multiple positions.  This means each player participating at two of the three identified position zones of infield, outfield or pitcher/catcher in each game.  It is the view of the EBA that each player who expresses an interest in pitching be afforded that opportunity.

  • Player commitment
    • Attendance – Players are expected to attend all games and practices. 
    • Absences will occur for any number of reasons but should be preceded by coach notifications in advance to allow for practice and game planning.
    • Please see the Commitment Policy web page for more information.
  • Costs
    • Travel baseball fee – $530 fee includes team participation, tournament fees, in-season player development, hat and two jerseys.
    • Tryout fee - $50 tryout fee is required for all players trying out for Travel baseball.  The non-refundable fee partially offsets the costs of running tryouts including facilities expenses.
    • Cancellation policy - A player withdrawing from Edina baseball after being placed on a Travel baseball team will forfeit 50% of fees for the program.  There will be no refunds for withdrawals or cancellations received after the season begins.  The Tryout fee is otherwise non-refundable.
    • Other costs - Teams and players may elect to incur other costs associated with optional apparel, additional in-season tournaments, at-large state tournament entries, additional practice sessions, etc.  These costs are not required by the EBA and should be considered discretionary expenses at the option of the team and players.  

Key Dates
A summary of key dates is listed below.  
  • December 15    Blizzard Ball starts
  • January 1    Travel Registration opens
  • January 29   Travel tryouts begin
  • March 3    Travel tryouts end
  • April 3        Rec Registration closes 
  • April 7        Rec tryouts 
  • April 24      Metro Baseball League play begins
  • May 20      Day Baseball registration closes




Tryouts and Grading
The Edina Baseball Association tryouts for grades 4-6 players take place in the months of February and March each year.  Our tryout dates are determined taking into account the following considerations:
  •   Our tryout dates are determined taking into account the following considerations:
     Availability of outside evaluators, High School, Legion and other coaching staff. 
     To the best of our ability, minimize conflicts with other sporting events.
     A goal of completing all Travel tryouts prior to Spring Break.

Tryout Locations
All tryouts - except hitting - will occur at Edina's domed facility at Braemar Park. All hitting, pitching and catching tryouts will occur mid-week at MN Batting Cages in Edina.

2019 Season Tryout Dates
Tryout dates for players in 4th through 6th grades are noted on the 2019 Tryouts Page for each of the respective grades. A player will be required to attend the entire session.  There are no pitching or catching tryouts for 4th graders as those skills will be assessed as the season begins.  Details will also be posted on the 2019 Tryouts webpage.


Tryout Notes
Please see the frequently asked question (FAQ) document on the Tryouts page for addition questions regarding tryouts.

  • Travel baseball registration will open in December.  If a player is not registered prior to the first tryout, the player WILL NOT be permitted to tryout.
  • Tryouts will be for TRAVEL BASEBALL ONLY.  If your player intends to play in the White league, they will have a separate evaluation after Spring Break in April and should NOT to attend any of the Travel tryouts.  Players who try out for Travel and do not make a travel team will have the option to attend the White League evaluation as well.
  • Players should attend the tryout session assigned to their current grade.  If a player is age-eligible to play in the grade below (i.e. player is an 8th grader born with a cutoff date that allows the player to play with 7th graders), parents or players must notify the commissioner of the player's intent to try out for the lower grade.
  • Players must make every effort to attend ALL tryouts.  If a player has a conflict and will miss a tryout, parents or players must notify the commissioner of that grade/age group.  If a player misses all tryouts, the Try-out Committee will determine the placement of that player based on previous year's coach feedback and any associated statistics made available. However, if that player misses tryouts for reasons other than injury or sickness, this will affect the placement of such player.  Players that do not participate in tryouts, regardless of reason, will not be allowed to move up a level from their placement the prior year.


Equitable Play Policy

The guiding principals regarding playing time start and end with developing all of youth baseball players at every level and every age.  If players do not play, they do not develop. Given the structure of our leagues, the talent level from the top of a roster to the bottom should not vary dramatically; therefore, playing time should also not vary dramatically.  We have developed guidelines for all of our coaches to follow in the pursuit of developing a large and extremely talented group of baseball players.

Playing time should be as equal as possible throughout the season

  • Playing time should be managed effectively from game-to-game and within a game
  • All players should have the opportunity to play different positions

10 year-olds specific

•Within the season, no player should play more than 10% more than any other player (measured in innings & at-bats)

•No player shall play more than one inning more than any other player in league play and no more than two innings more than any other player in tournament games

•All players shall play in 2 of the following 3 classifications of positions in the field: 1) infield; 2) outfield;  3) pitcher / catcher during each regular season and playoff games

11-12 year-olds specific

•Within the season, no player should play more than 10% more than any other player (measured in innings & at-bats)

•No player shall play more than one inning more than any other player in league play and no more than two innings more than any other player in tournament games

•All players should have the opportunity to play in different positions

Player Development
Our player development program is designed to develop the fundamentals of baseball. Through professional development of mechanics and baseball knowledge, Edina baseball players will increase their skills and likelihood of playing success. Edina Baseball players will have the opportunity to learn from instructors that have played at the highest levels of competitive baseball.

The EBA partners with Nevers Larkin Baseball, which is owned and operated by Tom Nevers and Gene Larkin, to provide baseball instruction and development opportunities for Edina youth baseball players. Tom and Gene combine their 20 years of professional baseball experience to provide an opportunity for young men and women to develop their fundamental skills and learn how to play the game the "right way." They lead a team of instructors all of which have tremendous playing and coaching backgrounds to provide you with the very best coaching staff in Minnesota.

Included in the standard cost of your association fee are hitting and fielding sessions.  
The EBA seeks to expand and enhance player development opportunities each season within cost constraints. 
Well trained coaches are the key to a successful youth baseball program.  In 2019, the EBA will again be providing league coaches with age-specific training designed around concepts and materials to aid practice planning and skill development.

Coach’s clinics are being organized and league meetings will be held in April.  For those interested in coaching Green teams a certification process will be required.  More information will be made available soon.  Click here to sign up to coach!

  • Coaching philosophy
    • Player development – One of the most important priorities is to teach the athletes to play the game of baseball and to help them reach their full potential.  Youth baseball provides an additional opportunity to learn fundamental skills, and all coaches are committed to developing each player within a team environment.
    • Game management – The EBA believes that it is important to place the players in situations that will lead to their success. During games and throughout the season, coaches will be working toward equal playing time for all players.  Emphasis will be placed on the coaches to play kids at multiple positions including both infield and outfield positions in each game. Pitching and catching rotations will be based on the comfort level of the athlete.
    • Sportsmanship – All coaches are committed to treating all players, parents, and coaches with respect. Coaches are instructed on and formally sign a sportsmanship code of conduct pledge.
    • Fun - Youth baseball is most importantly about having fun, and this will be a natural outcome of team practices and games.
  •  Coaching training and certification
    • Coach’s clinics are being organized and league meetings will be held in April.
  • Mandatory league meeting – Saturday, April 6, 2019
Rules and Bat Restrictions
  • Playing rules
    • League play – Playing rules will follow Metro Baseball League (MBL) rules, and these rules can be found at MBL rules at
    • Tournaments - Edina Baseball and other metro baseball associations follow Minnesota Baseball Tournament (MBT) rules that can be found at
  • Equipment
    • EBA provided – The EBA will provide players with a hat and 2 jerseys.  Players must supply their own belt, socks, and baseball pants.
    • Player provided – Players are required to supply non-metal spikes, a baseball glove, and a cup.  Batting gloves, a player’s batting helmet, and a player’s bat are considered optional.
  • Bat restrictions
    • League play – MBL and MBT establish prevailing rules on bat specifications in conjunction with USA Baseball.  Bat rules for 2018 for all age groups (except 15 year olds) can be found at
    • Tournaments - Tournaments occasionally follow different bat rules.  Please reference the respective tournament rules for additional details.