The Edina Baseball Association provides opportunities to play baseball for grades K-12, boys and girls, that reside in Edina, MN or attend school in Edina.

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City of Edina Park and Recreation Bullying Policy
Definition of Bullying
Bullying is behavior that is intentional, repetitive and hurtful resulting in an imbalance of power between the bully and the target (Braaten, 2010).  Bullying can take many forms, such as hitting or punching (physical bullying); teasing or name-calling (verbal bullying); intimidation using gestures or social exclusion (non-verbal bullying or emotional bullying); and sending intimidating messages through technology (cyber bullying).  
Policy Statement
Bullying is prohibited at all city parks and/or city facilities. This policy applies not only to a participant who directly engages in an act of bullying but also to participants who, by their indirect behavior, condone or support another participant’s act of bullying.  No city employee, volunteer, contractor, shall permit, condone, or tolerate bullying. 
 A person who engages in bullying or tolerates bullying will be subject to discipline in accordance with city policies and procedures.  The city may take into account the following factors:
1. The developmental and maturity levels of the parties involved;
2. The levels of harm, surrounding circumstances, and nature of the behavior;
3. Past incidences or past or continuing patterns of behavior;
4. The relationship between the parties involved; and
5. The context in which the alleged incidents occurred.
Consequences for participant(s) who engaged in an act of bullying may range from behavioral interventions up to and including immediate removal from the program or facility.  Immediate removal from program activity is warranted if the participant physically attempts to cause injury to him/her or others, or leaves the designated program area with the intent to run away or hide from staff.   The city will act to investigate all complaints of bullying and will take appropriate action against any participant, city staff, volunteer, contractor who is found to have violated this policy.
Reporting Procedure
Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of bullying or any person with knowledge or belief of bullying will report the alleged acts to an appropriate City staff. The City encourages the reporting party to use the report form available from the City Park and Recreation office.  The Recreation Supervisor is the person responsible for receiving reports of bullying in city parks and programs.  Any person may report bullying directly to the Park and Recreation Director or City Manager.
City Action
When a complaint or report of bullying is received, the City will begin an investigation.  Upon completion of the investigation, the city will take appropriate action on a case by case basis. City staff will notify the individual adult participant(s) or parent(s)/guardian(s) of youth participants involved in a bullying incident and action taken based on a confirmed report.
Training and Education
The City will provide information and training to city employees regarding this policy. 
The City will give notice of this policy to participants, parents or guardians and employees.
Braaten, S. (2010).  Bullying and Disabilities.   Behavioral Institute for Children and Adolescents, Powerpoint Presentation.
The City of Edina maintains policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and bullying.  Please use this form to report incidents of bullying.
Person completing report:_________________________________________________
Home address:_________________________________________________________
Home phone:___________________________________________________________
Work phone:___________________________________________________________
Date of alleged incident(s):________________________________________________
Name of person(s) you believe bullied you or another person.
If the alleged bullying was toward another person(s), identify that person(s).
Where and when did the incident(s) occur?
Describe the incident(s) in as much detail as possible, including the following information as
relevant: what force was used; verbal statements made, physical contact made, or written
interaction. Attach additional pages if needed.
List any witnesses that were present.
This complaint is filed based on my honest belief that the above incident(s) has occurred. I
certify that the information I have provided in this complaint is true, correct and complete to the
best of my knowledge and belief.
Signature: ___________________________ Date
Received by: ______________________________________ Date ________________
Please submit to Recreation Supervisor Kristin Aarsvold, 4801 West 50th Street, Edina MN 55424.